Kayah State



Kayah State, has opened recently up and a home to nine ethnic groups including the Kayah people, well known for their bright, red attire and the Kayan, most recognizable with adult women wearing bright, brass neck rings.


Myanmar’s smallest state is packed with diversity and potential for “off the beaten track” experiences. It is the only region in the country’s history, never being colonized by the British, never lost their freedom. Also famous for remains of early civilization of human kind, who used to take refuge in Caves and Rock shelters during pluvial periods, then left such caves with huge coffins with bones on very high floor inside today caves. Here inhabitants share their customs, artistry and local crafts. Now people become largely Christian (Baptist), traditionally animists. Kayah highlights include: Loikaw, Taung Kwe Pagoda, Pan Pet, Hta Nee La Leh, forest treks, jungle picnics, 7 Lakes, De Maw Soe market and the weaving centre.



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