Chin State

Chin state, land of Rhododendron where peak of Mt. Victoria (or Nat Ma Taung) exists and bordering India, is mainly accessible by car on poor roads cut along the mountain sides and valleys.

The route to Kanpelet is Bagan (to Mindat too), Chauk, Saw, Kanpetlet – 156 km, a day trip.

Kanpetlet and Mindet can be reached from central lowland, Bagan. The route to Mindet is to cross the Ayeyarwaddy River by boat and proceed to Mindet along Kanma, Pauk, Kyaukhtu road. The distance is 148 km and it takes 8 hours. To reach southern part of Chin state, via upstream waterway from an ancient Rakhine town called Myauk Oo is easier relatively.


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